thai bodywork therapy

much more than a massage...

Awaken your natural healing process and increase your overall vitality. In Thailand "nuat Thai" or Thai massage is considered a branch of their Traditional Medicine tree. This therapeutic healing system is used to help you find balance within. Experience an alternative style of massage therapy that encourages movement, discovery, and body-mind connection that feels absolutely amazing!

Thai bodywork therapy sessions are personalized for you, involving a seamless, sometimes rhythmic blend of broad pressure, acupressure, compression, holding techniques, range of motion, joint mobilization, passive and active stretching with grounded intention through metta and compassion. Stimulate and nourish energy pathways to affect changes deep within your body, mind and spirit. Through relaxation and realignment you'll feel increased energy, as well as increased range of motion and flexibility.  We provide sessions for your general well-being and for specific concerns such as chronic pain, mobility, injury recovery, and more. Not only can Thai bodywork therapy be an integral part of your healing process but of  your health and wellness maintenance overall. You're in good hands...each therapist has over 20 years bodywork experience.

Thai bodywork is suitable for all ages and physicality, regardless of your level of daily activity, flexibility or mobility and can easily compliment any other ongoing therapy.  It is performed while you’re fully clothed, on a specialized futon on the floor. Wear comfortable workout or yoga attire to your appointment. We have clothing available if you forget. Call, text, email or book  your appointment online. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. 24 hour courtesy cancellation policy.

bodywork sessions

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