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Thai Massage Basics: The Fundamentals - 7 CEs

 Our 1-day course will provide you with a solid stepping stone in deciding if Thai bodywork is a method in which you'd like to study further. This course will guide you through the fundamental techniques of Thai massage along with the who, what and why of it all. We will practice hands on techniques for common tension patterns and introduce the Thai energetic system. We’ll touch on Thai yoga for self-care and how to use intention and intuition while working in a relaxed learning environment. This is the perfect class if you've been curious about dipping your toes into the versatile world of Thai healing arts but aren't quite ready to make a commitment. All practice is in the traditional style, fully clothed, on a mat on the floor. Our classes are small and have two instructors to ensure a quality learning experience.  UPCOMING COURSES


Thai Massage Basics - 21 CEs

Learn the basics of Thai bodywork in our 3-day continuing education course. This introduction will teach you the fundamental techniques of Thai massage along with some history, theory, cultural aspects and self-care. By the end of the course you will be able to perform a unique 1 hour+ Thai massage session using safe body mechanics for you and your client. We'll practice several techniques using hands, fingers, thumbs, forearms, elbows, knees, feet, toes, heels and occasionally your entire body to apply pressure in supine, prone, seated and side-lying positions with a focus on body mechanics to ensure a sustainable practice. Along with these, we’ll practice Thai yoga for self-care, verbal and non-verbal communicating, making smooth transitions, and using intention and intuition in this hands-on, relaxed learning experience. We'll introduce the Thai energetic system, the importance of self-care ritual, wind gates, common acupressure points and abdominal massage. Each student will receive a handbook including illustrated instructions for the various Thai massage techniques we practice. This course will help to lay a solid foundation from upon which you can build your Thai bodywork skills. There is so much to learn! 

 All practice is in the traditional style, fully clothed, on a mat on the floor.  Our classes are small and have two instructors to ensure a quality learning experience.  UPCOMING COURSES  


Luk Pra Kob - 7 CEs

Luk pra kob massage or herbal compress massage is an age old holistic therapy used  in Thai Traditional Medicine and to enhance the effects of Thai bodywork. The compress is filled with a blend of chosen medicinal herbs and steam heated, then applied to the body to relieve tension, stress and inflammation. The combination of therapeutic heat and healing herbs provide deep relaxation, aromatherapy and restoration of the body and mind. The heat helps to relax the deep layers of tissue to receive the healing properties of the herbs. The compress is used as a massage tool, pressing and kneading tired, achy, sore muscles and joints.
Enhance your Thai bodywork with luk pra kob. In this 1-day course we start the day with Thai yoga for self-care then learn basic luk pra kob massage techniques and their respective benefits, commonly used herbs and the benefits they provide as well as an overview of the sib sen (10 major energetic pathways in Thai Traditional Medicine). We'll practice massage routines with luk pra kob that aid with specific ailments such as headaches, low back pain and more in this hands on workshop. Luk pra kob is the perfect compliment to Thai massage therapy or any other massage modality you may practice. We provide the herbal compresses and steamers to use during class. Each student receives a compress to take home for practice, an illustrated handbook of techniques learned, and helpful information on where to acquire herbs, poultices and steamers. Our classes are small and have two instructors to ensure a quality learning experience.   UPCOMING COURSES   


Thai Massage Basics & Luk Pra Kob - 28 CEs


Thai massage is energy work…applied by physical means. Join us in learning an intuitive approach to the basic foundations of Thai style bodywork in our 4 day course. We’ll cover fundamental Thai massage techniques along with some history, cultural aspects, and self-care, plus, we’ll dip into commonly used Thai medicinal herbs and learn how to incorporate them into your bodywork. To ensure a sustainable practice, we guide you through proper body mechanics and how to relax into position, making your efforts feel quite effortless. An introduction to the Thai energetic system and its connection through the use of Thai poultice work, called luk pra kob, round out the course. We practice in the traditional style, on a mat, on the floor. We have mats available for use during class, although, feel free to bring your own mat or futon to use if you prefer. Each participant receives a poultice and an illustrated handbook of all techniques and topics covered in class. Our classes are small and intimate with two instructors to ensure you a quality learning experience. You’ll finish with a thorough understanding of the foundations of a versatile, compassionate healing art, that is, Thai Bodywork.   UPCOMING COURSES  


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Thai Compression Therapy

Think of this as a yin style of Thai massage that requires movement and stillness, relaxation and patience, feeling and sensing, with the ability to provide gentle to maximum pressure through compression. 

Standing, kneeling, sitting and walking on the body are aspects of Thai bodywork used to deliver very deep pressure to acupressure points and compression to the sen. A stabilizing tool is usually implemented to achieve this technique. A few commonly used tools are ropes or bars hanging from the ceiling, walkers, chairs, stools, and walking sticks or canes. Of course, it is very possible to stand or walk on a body without using tools such as these, (you may even already do this) but to be able to relax your body while doing so requires a mastery of balance, taking years of diligent practice. In lieu of masterful balance, a support system allows you to gracefully master these compression techniques. If you are balanced and relaxed, you are open. If you are open, you can listen. If you listen, you can sense; opening a door into working in a truly intuitive way.  Our techniques make it easy to integrate Thai Compression Therapy into your existing Thai massage practice. 


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Inquire about hosting a Thai massage workshop in your studio, retreat center, resort or spa. Whether you’re looking to train your staff in a popular new therapeutic modality or looking to bring the healing arts into your community, our Thai massage workshops are your perfect opportunity!  Connect with us to learn more.