Peter Bird and Melanie Eldridge Two Birds Thai Bodywork co-founders

about us

sowing the seeds of well-being

We are nomadic providers of Intuitive Thai Bodywork instructing interactive group and private continuing education and community courses in the Thai healing arts. June - October, bodywork sessions available in the Grand Marais, MN area. Continuing education courses held in Arizona, January - March. 

Two Birds' aim is to integrate eastern concepts of bodywork and healing with western students and clientele helping to unlock their intuitive healing potential through bodywork. We take a unique approach by explaining and moving beyond cultural interpretations and misunderstandings about Thai and other eastern healing practices. Through years of experience we have learned, a relaxed mental and physical  state is essential to truly give or receive  beneficial body and energy work. In this state, the body allows it's natural healing processes to take place and work. 

We coach our students and clients in the lost art of receiving and the power of stillness in movement; to recognize the concepts of "letting go", feeling, and "listening" to the body and what that may feel like within themselves in order to deepen the understanding of what these concepts are and how this way of working and receiving can benefit quality of life. As providers, we too need to be free of the burdens of chronic imbalance in order to be most effective in what we do. Self-care is the cornerstone of health, balance and an overall sense of wellness. It is essential for us to maintain a healthy daily ritual of self-care and encourage our students and clients to do the same. Studies with our beloved Ajahn Pichest Boonthumme in Northern Thailand have given us this unique approach to teaching and practicing. This almost effortless style of Thai bodywork is the most therapeutic massage you can find today. Not only does it increase health and vitality for clients, but if done correctly, for the provider as well. 

Two Birds Thai Bodyworks LLC was founded by Peter Bird and Melanie Eldridge. We co-instruct every course and have 40 years combined experience practicing and teaching in the field of bodywork, energy work, and massage therapy specializing in the Thai Healing Arts. We have studied with eastern and western teachers over the world. Our backgrounds include but are not limited to Shiatsu, Ayurveda, Reiki, Western and Swedish massage, myofascial massage, meditation, and yoga. We met at Miraval  Tucson in Arizona practicing Thai energy/bodywork. There, we co-created treatments, trained therapists, and developed Naga Thai massage, which focuses on Thai deep compression therapy. We are still involved, consulting and training  therapists for their spas. Summer through autumn we spend on the north shore of majestic Lake Superior where we have a private bodywork practice and spend the rest of the year traveling, working on our friend’s creek-side farm near Aravaipa Canyon , AZ and teaching continuing education workshops.

Doing our part to humbly spread knowledge of the compassion, versatility, and therapeutic merit of Thai style bodywork .