Thai for Two

take your good feeling home

We’ve created a partnered session that will give you the tools to help treat common muscle aches and pains at home through giving and receiving a compassionate form of ancient healing. No massage experience needed. We are your guide as you work your way around the body, dissolving tension and relieving everyday stress for your partner, as well as yourself. Discover the subtle, non-verbal ways of communicating with one another while learning simple bodywork techniques that you can easily use at home. Each Thai for Two session is tailored to you and your partners’ needs. We can focus on specific trouble spots or create a general treatment for full body relaxation. No massage experience is required because a certain trust is already established based on your relationship. Great for couples, family, and friends. 


Private and group classes are available and require at least two people. Rate includes two people per session and each will receive an illustrated instruction booklet to continue practicing at home. Please be advised: If you have trouble kneeling on the floor this session may present a challenge for you. Connect with us for any questions.  

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